Purity vehicle signwriting

Purity Fragrances, Vehicle signwriting partial wrap

The client brief was clear in its overall intentions for style, based on the brand identity which we had created previously. The scope for translating the brand to the three dimensional application on a vehicle opens up a wealth of opportunities. In this case the client wished to see multiple concepts, which were happily provided before refining preferred options to arrive at a final version.

It’s a valuable tool – being able to provide mocked-up artist impressions of client artwork applied to real world applications. In this case, a company car. In other scenarios artist impressions have been provided for shop window displays, building architectural details, point of sale materials, promotional items, and a vast range of signage.

Often the client needs to see a literal interpretation of how their brand will appear, rather than merely having it described to them, and fair enough too! This is where Nick’s photoshop retouching experience pays off in spades.