ZeroSeven T shirt
November 23, 2016

With a busy workload for clients, taking time for self-promotion is rare. One aspect I do develop on occasion though is branded T shirts.

A reflection of ZeroSeven’s down to earth culture means every day is the equivalent of casual Friday, so the ‘uniform’ of choice invariably involves a T shirt. Why not take the opportunity to use them to feature ZeroSeven branding?

During a recent client meeting about development of their brand identity they asked me why I always had on a different style of ZeroSeven T shirt when we met, rather than the company logo on a shirt. I explained that rather than blindly slapping a logo on a T shirt I decided it was an opportunity to show some of the creative ability I offer. And sure, there are reasons for using a logo consistently to build brand value, (which I adhere to across the board with many aspects of ZeroSeven’s visual identity). But I view the T shirts as more of a campaign – limited life pieces that evolve to showcase fresh ideas in the next iteration.

Ultimately they serve to present creative skills, make more sense than wearing someone else’s brand, and are a bit of fun as well. It’s also a good thing if they kick off a client discussion about branding and its implications.