rotorua's best trails, given graphic identities.
March 6, 2015

Bike Culture is a local bike shop specialising in Mountain Bike service and sales. The owners are much like their customers; long-time riders and racers who are deeply connected to their pursuit of riding mountain bikes on singletrack trails. So when they commissioned a shirt to reflect the trail names of Rotorua’s world-renown mountain bike park the pressure was on.

This needed to be a stand-out: Cover the best, most distinctive trails in the forest. With particular appeal to Bike Culture’s specific customer demographic of seasoned, skilled riders. Give each trail its own distinctive graphic style. Make the whole thing work as a whole.

Oh yeah, and arrange the garment supply and print and make sure it’s on-time and economical.

No sweat.

Quite a lot of hours of creative angst, but no sweat. You get that when doing what you love. Knowing the trails intimately (as only a die-hard resident mountain biker can do) meant I poured heart and soul into ensuring each trail name wordmark and graphic conveyed the appropriate tone.

Rotorua mountain bike trail names T shirt

Rotorua mountain bike trail names T shirt