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ballista-10200 retouch

When needs must

August 27, 2015

Although I enjoy both the process and the result of a finely crafted photograph, sometimes the situation conspires to make that unachievable. A recent

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Kawakawa leaf

Making good on promises

June 23, 2015

The Promise: A recent client brief specified that part of the design should represent the importance of New Zealand’s native kawakawa leaf to their

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Island view from Muri Beach, Rarotonga.

Software saves the day

April 30, 2015

While sorting out some archived raw photo files I came across shots from Rarotonga in 2006. Some shots I was disappointed with at the time are now able

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Ride Rotorua website content

Living the dream

April 22, 2015

No, this isn’t about driving a car worth more than a house and partying like a rock-star. Although that would be some people’s idea of ‘living

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